Art and the City Talk: Serena Korda

Date 21.03.12

Time 6.00pm

Location Arnolfini


A talk by Serena Korda at Arnolfini on 21st March 2012.



Serena Korda makes public works developed from encounters, conversations and the researching of abandoned histories.  She regularly encourages audiences to participate in events and performances that subvert everyday experiences.  As the work shifts between art and life it attempts to retell forgotten stories, questioning the importance placed on certain aspects of our history.

This talk was an opportunity to hear more about her current commission in Barton Hill. W.A.M.A. The Work as Movement Archive which is inspired by the industrial and working class legacy of Barton Hill from the Great Western Cotton Factory to the Netham Chemical Works that once resided along the Feeder Canal.  W.A.M.A. have collected over 100 local people’s working movements to form the basis of the choreography for an invented folk dance for Barton Hill which will be performed in May 2012.  The project is commissioned by Sovereign Housing and produced by Field Art Projects.

Serena Korda recently completed Laid to Rest part of the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life.  Other recent projects include Decosa, Tradition, Stockholm keifer/pin, Camden Arts Centre; The Answer Lies at the End of the Line, Art on the Underground; andThe Library of Secrets Whitstable Biennale ‘08.

Supported by Bristol City Council.

Artist hospitality supported by