Melanie Jackson: Extraordinary Flora – Art/Science Talk

Date 25.06.13

Time 18.30 – 20.30

Location The Botanic Gardens, Stoke Park Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, BS9 1JG


Artist Melanie Jackson talks about the ways that plants have appeared in extraordinary fictions, and the stories that science can tell us about ourselves. Frances Cartwright, plant scientist and STEM ambassador, explores some surprising facts about plants and ways in which their properties might be used to tackle some of the global problems facing us in the 21st century.


As an artist with a wide practice whose work includes sculpture, moving image and the printed word, Melanie will talk about past influences and some of the themes she intends to explore during her residency. Her current exhibition ‘The Urpflanze’ is showing at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton and takes as it’s starting point Goethe’s notion of the ‘primal plant’, exploring the Botanical Garden as a starting point for thinking about form and the generation and ownership of knowledge. She has exhibited internationally and is a lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

This residency forms part of a public art programme for the University of Bristol’s Stoke Bishop campus developed by Field Art Projects to make both physical and social connections to the built and natural environments, to develop greater use of the public areas and to work with departments across the University.