Carmine Mauro Daprile: 'Moon'

Date 17.02.13

Time 12 noon

Location Secret location: Follow #cosplayers


Moon will be an unusual interruption to the everyday experience of central Bristol celebrating imagination and the power of fiction.


Carmine Mauro Daprile is interested in real environments which appear staged or changed by the presence of unusual figures or circumstances. In The Moon the artist challenges our understanding and perception of our immediate environment.

Working with cosplayers, a subculture of people interested in costume and role play, he intends to interrupt the everyday experience in central Bristol for one hour and celebrate our imagination and the power of fiction.

Get involved with this event via Twitter. Follow #cosplayers for updates and a meeting point.

Commissioned by Bristol City Council. This work engages cos players from across the South West and UK.

COSPLAYERS Expomanga 2012 Madrid from Mapa de tramas on Vimeo.


Steven Claydon’s work brings together objects recalling historical artefacts, cultural ephemera and geological samples, skillfully mixing different cultures and periods of history. Merging reality with fiction, and appearing at once meaningful and useless, Claydon’s works oscillate between an idea of truth and fantasy, seeming to offer a fragmented image of a future civilisation’s past. He will talk about his practice and new commission in Bristol.