Art in Bearpit announce art, events and performance programme

Date 15.04.15

Time Saturday 2nd May - Saturday 25th July 2015

Location Bear Pit, Barton Roundabout, Bristol


A dazzling sculpture, costumed performers, and a surprise party for commuters will land in the Bearpit this summer.


The first three months of a new art programme created especially for central Bristol’s Bearpit roundabout promises free encounters with five unusual and surprising artworks, as well as pop-up performances and events.

Pavilion is a geometric structure designed with a dual purpose: a visually-striking sculpture and a sheltered space for public events and happenings. Artist Philip Cheater was inspired by the hexagonal landscaping of the Bearpit before its recent makeover, and by the dazzle graphics of health and safety signage.

Pavilion juxtaposes the patterns of warning with an invitation to enter and share the space with others: reflecting changing public attitudes towards the Bearpit itself.

The Keepers are watchful, costumed creatures who will move in and silently occupy the Bearpit. Known for her startling public-sited installations, artist Vickie Fear designs and creates hand-finished costumes for her sculpture-performers to wear. The Keepers will highlight the political potential of the Bearpit, a space for public unrest as well as festivity.

An Everyday Party will be a fun-filled gathering in the Bearpit, hosted by artist Megan Clark-Bagnall. With party bags, music, games and a mystery cake, the event will celebrate Bristolians and their daily commute. An Everyday Party also draws attention to the Bearpit’s growing reputation as a destination, not just a thoroughfare.

The Cloud is a night of talking and dreaming, led by artist duo A-peg. With local residents and thinkers, the artists will start conversations around changing spaces, urban regeneration and transformation of the city. White pillows are handed out, and participants are invited to spend the night under the stars.

Subterranean will temporarily and subtly disrupt the Bearpit space. Artist Polly Kelsall will install an earthy reminder of what lies beneath the surface of the city, and what connects urban centres to their edgelands.

Art in Bearpit is part of series of recent initiatives and changes in Bristol’s iconic Bearpit sunken roundabout, led by Bearpit Improvement Group, who aim to improve the neglected site and return it from a no-go area back to a thriving space to gather for events, art, eating and shopping.

Art in Bearpit is produced by Hand in Glove, nomadic visual art curators based in Bristol. The next part of the Art in Bearpit programme will be announced in July. For the current schedule of events, visit

Art in Bearpit is produced by Hand in Glove, nomadic visual art curators based in Bristol. The next part of the Art in Bearpit.


- Saturday 2nd May: 2-4pm: Performance of The Keepers by Vicki Fear. Free, no booking required.

- Sunday 3rd May: 12-2pm: Launch of Pavilion by Philip Cheater. Free, no booking required.

- Monday 1st June: 4.30-6.30pm: An Everyday Party by Megan Clark-Bagnall. Free, no booking required.

- Saturday 13th June: 8pm - 8am: The Cloud by A-Peg, Night time. Free, email to book a place.

- Saturday 25th July: From 8am: Subterranean by Polly Kelsall. Installation free no booking required.

Hand in glove, creating opportunities for emerging artists and a platform to develop supportive networks through process, dialogue and exchange.
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Steven Claydon’s work brings together objects recalling historical artefacts, cultural ephemera and geological samples, skillfully mixing different cultures and periods of history. Merging reality with fiction, and appearing at once meaningful and useless, Claydon’s works oscillate between an idea of truth and fantasy, seeming to offer a fragmented image of a future civilisation’s past. He will talk about his practice and new commission in Bristol.