Bridge Farm Primary to launch 'The Cloud' by Assemble.

Date 22.09.16

Time 12.00 noon

Location Bridge Farm Primary School, East Dundry Road, Whitchurch, Bristol BS14 0LL


A new artwork by Assemble, the London-based architecture practice and 2015 Turner Prize Winners, is set to be unveiled at a Bristol primary school on the 22nd September 2016. Commissioned by Bristol City Council and Arnolfini, the artwork which is entitled ‘The Cloud’ has been two years in development and was completed at the beginning of the summer. The school children at Bridge Farm Primary School, where the artwork is located, have been involved throughout the process.


The Cloud is an architectural structure, which sits within a special landscaped courtyard in the heart of the school. Designed to be different from the rest of the school environment, Assemble have created a place for conversations, quieter activities and time out from the pressures and bustle of school life.

The Cloud is used by the school for one on one work, art and play therapy and other unexpected or impromptu activities. In order to facilitate this, the surrounding courtyard has been significantly remodelled to create a variety of small spaces for play and outdoor learning.

Councillor Claire Hiscott, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “Having a place for children to take a moment out for quiet reflection can help to support emotional wellbeing and give children the space they need to flourish. Not every child responds in the same way to school, so it is important to look at the needs of those who might need extra support to get a good start in life, which is exactly what The Cloud seeks to d....It is encouraging to see artists taking a fresh look at how they can support school children to develop healthy, curious minds, and I’m especially pleased to see that pupils were involved with the build. Bristol is a Learning City where many organisations are creating opportunities to learn something new and this is a good example of how artwork can bring learning to life.”

As with other Assemble projects, the venture was highly collaborative; the copper cladding that encases the structure was handmade with the school children. In addition, the roof tiles were hand patinated by years three and four using household products such as coffee, lemons, window cleaners and plant-food, and patterned using things found in and around the school like gravel, sand, leaves and string. The wall tiles were beaten by hand by the children using different shape and weight implements to create variety in texture.

The rest of the building was created during term time, with children visiting site to see processes such as insulating and water proofing that normally remain hidden. The geometry of the building has been considered from child’s eye height and perspectives and spatial experience from a few feet off the ground. The surface is tactile as well as visual, and will gradually change in colour and texture over the years as the building grows older.

Geoff Mason, Head teacher of Bridge Farm said: “The Cloud’ which can be seen through the skylight) is a fantastic, beautiful and practical structure which has transformed a dull courtyard into an inspirational space. We wanted something that was completely different in design which would also evolve over time and we believe we have achieved this. It was a pleasure working with Assemble whose wonderful design delivered artistically and practically meeting the needs of both teachers and children”.

The Cloud was designed and built by Assemble with Dan Halahan and Daniel Kisi and the children of Bridge Farm Primary School, who also named it with landscape design produced by Assemble and Dan Halahan. As part of the landscape of the courtyard several new trees and plants were introduced, including birch, acers, ivy, and a wide variety of ferns, creating a green space for children to play and enjoy.




Bristol City Council:

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Assemble are a design & architecture collective based in London. At the heart of Assemble’s working practice is a belief in the importance of addressing the typical disconnection between the public and the process by which spaces are made. Assemble champion a working practice that is interdependent and collaborative, seeking to actively involve the public as both participant and accomplice in the on-going realization of the work.


An internationally-recognised institution, Arnolfini has been shortlisted for the Art Fund prize for Museum of the Year 2016. Woven into the fabric of Bristol since 1961, Arnolfini is a pioneer of the interdisciplinary contemporary arts, presenting an ambitious programme of visual art, performance, dance, film and music. Housed in a Grade II listed, fully-accessible building at the heart of the harbourside, Arnolfini is an inspiring public space for contemporary arts and learning, welcoming half a million visitors each year and offering an innovative, inclusive and engaging experience for all. Arnolfini supports and develops work by living artists, investigating their influences and aspirations, and celebrates the heritage and wide-reaching impact of the organization by sharing a 55 year archive of exhibition slides, publications and artist book collection with the public and artists, inspiring new commissions.

Bridge Farm Primary School

With a motto of Living and learning together, Bridge Farm Primary School values the individual qualities of every child, as well as it's partnerships with parents and commitment and dedication to their staff. Based in Hengrove, Bristol, Bridge Farm enjoys having a role within their community and taking education beyond the classroom. Bridge Farm enjoy strong links with local schools (both primary and secondary), community churches, local clubs and businesses. This provides opportunities to enrich the children’s learning. The school strive to ensure that the whole school is an excellent learning environment which inspires, excites and celebrates effort and achievement. Bridge Farm is an inclusive environment in which all needs and talents are recognised. Through a rich curricular and extra curricular programme, and strong links with the community, Bridge Farm help each child discover and develop their talents and interests. They believe in collective ownership and encourage leadership throughout the school community

Steven Claydon’s work brings together objects recalling historical artefacts, cultural ephemera and geological samples, skillfully mixing different cultures and periods of history. Merging reality with fiction, and appearing at once meaningful and useless, Claydon’s works oscillate between an idea of truth and fantasy, seeming to offer a fragmented image of a future civilisation’s past. He will talk about his practice and new commission in Bristol.