Stokes Croft Gateway Award: Call for Proposals

Date 01.06.2012

Deadline 31st August 2012


Stokes Croft is an inner-city area of unique character, defined by its vibrantly independent community spirit and mix of residents, businesses, traders and artists. It is home to world-class street art, artisans, creatives, homeless, squatters and passionate individuals in equal measure.


A recent successful bid by Bristol City Council has lead to the city winning £5m of funding towardsenhancement of key commuter routes, including the A38 which passes through it. Of this £5m of funding, £300,000 has been allocated to enhancement of the Stokes Croft Gateway, covering the section of the A38 between St James Barton Roundabout and Jamaica Street. To date, consultation about how to spend this money has taken place between Bristol City Council and a number of community bodies which has lead to proposals being drawn up by the City Council to enlarge and enhance the pedestrian pavements, slowing car movements, as well as providing better cycleways and bicycle parking.

As part of the Public consultation with the community groups it has been agreed with Bristol City Council that part of the available fund be set aside for creative proposals that are generated directly by the local community.

Bristol City Council is looking is making an open call tolocal artists, designers, artisans or any interested individual or group to propose ideas to enliven, enhance or compliment the core road and footpath improvements, reflecting the unique creative nature of Stokes Croft Conservation Area.

Entry is open to groups, or individuals living or working in the area, or those with a passion to promote the alternative vision for urban existence that defines Stokes Croft as a unique Cultural Quarter.

Deadline for submission of ideas: 31st August 2012 with winners announced: 28th September 2012

For further info download the brief on this page in 'Downloads' or contact Andrew Whitehead andrew.whitehead@bristol.gov.uk 0117-903-6797 or email citydesigngroup@bristol.gov.uk

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Contact Andrew Whitehead on andrew.whitehead @bristol.gov.uk or 0117-903-6797 or email citydesigngroup@bristol.gov.uk