Bike Ride to the Moon

Bike Ride to the Moon, 2010. by Spoke 'n' Chain. Photo: Ruth Essex.


'Bike Ride to the Moon' was a temporary, interactive sculpture made out of reclaimed bicycles. Based on a carousel the installation was made up of 12 bicycles, on a central armature in a homage to Fairground Heritage.


The work was decorated in the theme 'A bike ride to the moon', featuring the true pioneers of the space race; monkeys and dogs, where they are imagined riding bicycles on the moons surface.

The general public were invited to ride the carousel and in doing so to generate sufficient power to run an integral sound system, playing music based upon the works thematic (bicycles and the space race).


  • Commissioner

    Bristol City Council

  • Produced by

    Bristol City Council and Bristol Cycle Festival

  • Partners

    Bristol Cycle Festival

  • Supported by

    Arts Council England, Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Arts