Lothar Goetz, 'Poker' (install), (acrylic on wall), Meridian, Bristol 2011. Photo courtesy of BCC © Jamie Woodley.


Meridian is a residential housing development by Taylor Wimpey located at Brunel Way, and adjacent to Bristol's Ashton Court Estate. As part of the development German artist Lothar Gotz was appointed to develop a new public art work for the building and in particular, its various interconnecting floors and spaces.


Goetz work for Meridian, ‘Poker’ is a colour intervention in the communal areas of the apartment block. For each of the buildings 10 staircases the artist has created a unique wall painting, using a different colour for each (vertical line). In each entrance area two colours are shuffled together in a wall painting to create a feature wall for each block. All the wall paintings are constructed using the same pattern but differ through the combination of colours used. These coloured wall paintings are further contrasted through the use of colour for the corridors of each floor which are painted in a changing palette of grey tones (lighter on the ground and getting darker on the upper floors).

The artists aim was to create a giant abstract structure, not visible physically but more like an invisible abstract grid within the building; an additional layer of space achieved through the use of colour. The patterns are geometric and simple like traditional wall panelling which connect the various spaces but also render them distinct. The occupants/visitors are invited to play Poker with changing colours within the space.

Lothar Goetz

Goetz' practice ranges from site-specific wall paintings and room-sized spatial installations to paintings and drawings, however there is a clear coherence and dialogue across his various bodies of work; with a continued engagement with ideas around architecture, space and his characteristic use of abstract geometric forms, lines, and intense colour.

Although not clearly apparent, his work is informed by aspects of a particular site, its inhabitants, histories, or spaces, which the artist mixes with further imaginary references. For instance many of his drawings represent the floor plans of idealized dwellings, sometimes for specific people or historical figures, sometimes for imagined ones. Together they form part of an ongoing series exploring spatial ideas for domestic spaces: apartments, houses, bungalows, villas.

Colour is a central aspect of Goetz work, which together with drawings is used to denote the functions and atmospheres of rooms, or the situations and qualities of the surrounding landscape - whether a schloss set in a meadow or a bungalow overlooking the sea.  Goetz sees colour as both beautiful and a key aspect of life that surrounds us, drawing comparison with another passion of his: gardens and flowers.

Idiosyncratic features and architectural structures are taken up and their geo-metric principles enhanced by intensive coloration. Each of his mural works researches the complex interaction of the social and visual arrangements in the place in question. Research through Drawing forms an important foundation for Goetz’s murals.

Goetz has exhibited widely, including solo shows in London at The Economist, Chisenhale Gallery and Gasworks. His recent projects include exhibitions at the Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal, Landesgalerie Hannover, SMART, Amsterdam, National Gallery Prague and the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven. Recent commissioned works on site include commissions for the Ministry of Justice, London, the National Arts Council Offices, London and Westminster College, London.

Lothar Goetz has been known for his public art projects in Europe for more than ten years. The locations of his site-specific works include the London Underground, Heathrow Airport, the British Ministry of Justice, schools and universities and private homes. In 2010 he was honoured with one of Britain's most prestigious awards, an Abbey Fellowship at The British School at Rome. He continues to exhibit internationally with his most recent solo show 'Don't Look Now' at the Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven and the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg showing a comprehensive overview of works from 1989 until 2011 with a specific focus on his interdisciplinary research.

In 2004 Lothar was awarded the Arts's lonks Residency for Shanghai/China, in 2006 the Chocheme Fellowship at Byam Shaw/central St Martins School of Art, London and in 2010 the Abbey Fellowship  at the British School at Rome.

Lothar Goetz is represented by rahncontemporary in Zürich, Petra Rinck Gallery in Düsseldorf and domobaal in London.

  • Commissioner

    Taylor Wimpey and Bristol City Council

  • Produced by

    Taylor Wimpey and Bristol City Council

  • Partners

    Taylor Wimpey and Bristol City Council

  • Supported by

    Taylor Wimpey