Welcome Home

Scott Farlow, welcome Home, 2014. Photo © Max McClure, courtesy of the artist and Linden Homes.


welcome Home was the public art project commissioned by Linden Homes Western as part of their new housing development at Chantry Road, Bristol. The project emerged following the appointment of a lead artist - Scott Farlow - and the development of a Public Art Plan for the site, in line with a planning agreement with Bristol City Council.


Construction of Chantry Villas was completed in June 2014. After eighteen months of significant transformation. Linden Homes’ scheme comprises twelve new houses that were built at Chantry Road in the Clifton area of Bristol. In the absence of notable public space within or in close proximity to the new housing the artist focused on a socially-engaged approach based on the future occupiers of the new homes rather than the physical buildings or spaces.

Farlow’s project, ‘welcome Home’ was based upon the idea of the 'gift’ and involved the creation of a suite of specially made Ottoman’s which were created for and gifted to each of the 12 new households. Each Ottoman is a unique work made in collaboration with a furniture maker and an upholsterer.

In order for the recipients of the Ottoman’s take pleasure from them and to feel part of the creative process all home purchasers were invited to see a prototype of the Ottoman and to select their preferred choice of fabric covering.

It was recognised early on that, with the occupation of Chantry Villas, the local community would change and grow. welcome Home therefore provided an opportunity to activate dialogue and interaction between residents. To this end, existing residents of Chantry Road were also invited to contribute to the project by offering personal reflections of what it is like to live on the street, in the locality and in Bristol. Their thoughts, advice, anecdotes and experiences were captured on postcards and combined with research findings and photographic images into a special booklet. The booklet provides a brief snapshot of a rich and enriching process that began with the idea of a gift. These have been presented to all of the residents – old and new – of Chantry Road.

In response, the Artists have stated:

“In collaborating we took the basic premise of a gift and combined it with the idea of creating a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional. We adopted a successful model for the Ottoman and re-imagined it, adapted it, augmented it and re-articulated it specifically for welcome Home.

We collectively embraced the philosophy of the project. We shared the experience of design and decision-making and explored the possibilities. In doing so we introduced one another to alternative options, discarded many and retained those with integrity.

We invited the client and the residents to participate and contribute to the process. Their suggestions, thoughts, preferences and words enriched our approach and gave greater depth to the project.

In recognising, respecting and valuing each other’s skills and judgement we have produced thoughtful work of the highest quality and craftsmanship.”

Linden Homes have stated:

“Linden acknowledges the benefits and value of engaging an Artist to inform elements of developments and potentially the surrounding locality and wider context. We recognise that an embedded, thoughtful and rich creative process, together with the resulting art works or activity and exchange, will positively contribute to the perception and quality of a specific development. In-so-doing it is understood that an imaginative approach, as with welcome home at Chantry Road, presents unique opportunities to ‘connect’ the new housing, and therefore the new residents, with the adjacent neighbourhood and wider communities.”


Scott Farlow – Lead Artist

Scott Farlow is a multifaceted artist whose practice ostensibly explores connections and disconnections. His work thoughtfully and imaginatively responds to the narrative, meaning and identity of places and people. He has a fascination with the ordinariness and everyday qualities of life and the world around us and in the beauty and resonance of the forgotten, the unexpected and the details that we take for granted. He is a highly skilled social practitioner and always seeks to enrich and be enlightened by those he engages with. Scott often collaborates with other artists; including sculptors, filmmakers and musicians, to realise work that might be permanent, temporary or mobile transformations of the public realm. Ultimately, however, he invites us to query, question, share and celebrate our associations and understanding of where we live.

Sam Mond - Cabinet & Furniture Maker

Sam Mond makes work of exceptional quality and produces beautiful & functional pieces from finely detailed doors, chairs & cabinets to porches, out-buildings & building extensions. His design and carpentry skills are superb and he is knowledgeable & deeply passionate about wood and the creative possibilities that it offers. This imbues whatever he makes with personality, unique character & individuality.

Karen Shields - Upholsterer

Badger Upholstery is a small traditional Upholstery company based in the centre of Bristol who re-cover and create all types of furniture and furnishings from small to large, and from antique to modern.

Linden Homes Western

Linden Homes builds award-winning homes. With a reputation for delivering high quality, distinctive and diverse new homes in prime locations throughout the UK. The company strives to create sustainable developments that inspire modern living and set new benchmarks in design.

  • Commissioner

    Linden Homes Western

  • Produced by

    Scott Farlow

  • Partners

    Karen Shields, Sam Mond

  • Supported by

    Linden Homes Western