The Bristol Public Art Policy was approved by the Cabinet of Bristol City Council on 26 October 2000 and demonstrates Bristol City Council’s commitment to the development of public art across the city. The Bristol Public Art Strategy encourages the commissioning of public art and advises the external organisations, including public and private developers, architects, artists, and the people of Bristol of our priorities in securing and developing exemplar public art.

Key Objectives of the Bristol Public Art Strategy

  • Establish a coherent framework of advice to enable the commissioning of high quality public art by arts practitioners, public agencies, independent and commercial development sectors
  • Give enhanced profile and recognition of the added value that an accessible, culturally diverse programme of public art can bring forth to public benefit
  • Generate work and income for artists, makers and the creative industries sector
  • Sustain an annual programme of artworks by artists in the public realm and help establish Bristol as a modern European city of culture

The Public Art Policy and Public Art Strategy are also supported by:

  • PAN 9: Public Art and Development (January 1996)
  • L10 Arts and Entertainment: Public Art (Bristol Local Plan, Adopted December 1997)
  • B5A: Public Art (First Deposit Proposed Alterations To The Bristol Local Plan (February 2003)
  • SPD4: Achieving Positive Planning Through the use of Planning Obligations (Adopted October 2005)
  • BCS21: Quality Urban Design (Bristol Development Framework Core Strategy)


For further information on the BCC Public Art Strategy and the other policies, please download a copy of the documents from the links section of this page.