Are you a Developer or Producer who would like more information on Bristol City Council’s Public Art commissioning process and approach? Our team have created resources to support you to satisfy your planning commitments.

We invite you to download the ‘Public Art Commissioning Tool Kit’ below for the most recent guidance for commissioning Culture through our Public Art Policy.

We recognise that putting Public Art and Culture at the heart of new development can be a bespoke process, unique to your site and story. These guidelines are intended to provide a useful framework and answer key questions around methodology, budgets, timelines, scale and project expectations.

Bristol’s Public Art Strategy (2003) is also available for you to reference. Please note that whilst this was published in 2003 and needs updating it is still active and relevant.

For the most recent guidance around process and expectations we encourage you to follow the Tool Kit.


Current Opportunities for Artists and Producers

Are you an Artist looking for new projects in the public realm or a Public Art Producer currently looking for work? We invite you to explore the opportunities below and follow the links for further details.

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Recommended Producers

Browse the Producer Directory to find the right Producer for your project.

If you are Producer looking to be included in the Producer Directory please get in touch for more information through our contact page.


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