Museo Aero Solar

Date 09.10.11

Time 6.00am - 12.00 noon (FREE)

Location Hengrove Park, Bristol


Museo Aero Solar was a free event in Hengrove Park, South Bristol developed by Arnolfini to coincide with the gallery's 50th. Museo Aero Solar was a gigantic solar powered balloon made from recycled plastic bags, as part of Arnolfini's 50th celebrations and exhibition ‘Museum Show’


The project involved a week of design workshops, practical making activities, film screenings and organic food ending with a spectacular launch of the balloon on Sunday 9th October.

Museo Aero Solar

Museo Aero Solar, was staged as part of Arnolfini's 50th celebrations and exhibition ‘Museum Show’ is a solar-powered air balloon made from hundreds of reused plastic bags, with new sections being added each time it is reassembled in different cities. This “do-it-yourself” project originated from a series of conversations between artist Tomás Saraceno and writer Alberto Pesavento along with artists at Isola Art Centre in Milan, Italy, in 2007. The initial proposition to build “the first flying museum” emerged from a series of conversations about sustainable technologies and architecture, solar energy, and air control regulations.

New sections of the balloon (or museum) are added each time it travels the world, thus changing techniques, drawings and shapes, and growing in size every time it sets sail in the air. Museo aero solar stands for a different conception of space and energy, both anomalous and forceful at the same time. The core of the Museo resides in the inventiveness of local inhabitants, not in its image: among collective action and art, do-it-together technology and experiment and is, as the artist has staged “a voyage back/forward in time”.

Over the past years, Museo aero solar has been assembled in Sharjah (United Arabs Emirates), Isola neighborhood in Milan (Italy), Medellin (Colombia), Lyon (France), Rapperswil (Switzerland), Tirana (Albania), Ein Hawd (first recognized arab village in Israel), Minneapolis (U.S.A.), Bonames/Kalbach old airport(Germany), Carmignano/Montemurlo (Italy) and Arnsberg (Germany).

Supported by Bristol City Council.