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Finzels Reach is a large scale city centre mixed commercial development regenerating a four acre city site in Bristol including the historic and renowned Courage brewery site. The scheme dovetails the sensitive restoration of Grade II listed buildings and elements together with sensitively designed new build structures. This approach ensures the character and heritage of the floating harbour site will be maintained for future generations. The development includes a major public art programme currently being developed by Ginkgo Projects. 


This project began with art plan development in 2005 and the establishment of a creative partnership with Tania Kovats as lead artist. An ambitious commissioning programme has since been developed establishing a cultural identity for the site. 

Artists are currently being commissioned for the first phase of projects at Finzels Reach. These include Office for Subversive Architecture (OSA) who are working in collaboration with Studio Myerscough to develop a creative concept for wayfinding and street furniture throughout the Finzels Reach development. Their designs are inspired by the site’s historical use as a sugar refinery in the late 19th century. Their imagery is derived from the crystalline shapes and colour of sugar cubes and icing sugar patterns. This has been translated into street signage embedded into the paving, seating, street furniture and patterns on the paving which adhere to the ‘sugar cubes’ grid pattern. 

Jennie Savage was appointed to make ‘Counterslip’, an artist’s film aimed at capturing the site throughout its history. As part of her research Jennie spent time at the local records office and on the site, and met with the archaeologists who have been investigating the site’s history. The film is a meditative piece intended to be screened to an audience on site wearing headphones, so that the audio (comprising Jennie’s voice) communicates directly to the listener and viewer without the interruption of external noise.

Artists are currently being shortlisted for a major landmark artwork at Temple Cross, the crossing point at the heart of Finzels Reach. A further project, Waterfront Traces, is planned for the site’s water frontage. 

Ginkgo Projects 

Ginkgo Projects is an independent consultancy offering art curation and commissioning services to a wide range of clients.

Our philosophy is driven by a desire to create unique opportunities for artists and designers. We aim to contribute fresh perspectives to built and natural environments that challenge assumptions about the spaces we inhabit. 

Our clients include developers, local authorities, landscape and architectural practices and environmental and arts organisations. We create real opportunities for clients and artists to produce innovative work appropriate to the context, whether this is a new building or public space, work that is integrated into a space, stand-alone work or exhibition.