Motion Efficiency Study 18
Motion Efficiency Study 18
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2023 - 2023

No 1226, No 1218, No 1219



Exploring the ‘physicality of sound’ has shaped the creative vision behind four public art projects commissioned as part of the Bristol Beacon Transformation.

Music and visual art are natural partners. Both artforms excite when genres are crossed, ideas bubble and conversations happen.

At Bristol Beacon you can experience and explore a permanent collection of artworks; from sound installations, to ceramics, to murals and sculptures. They explore the physicality of sound and can be enjoyed on an intense personal level and as a joyful communal experience.

The commissioned artworks bring the art of music-making to life in visual form.  They enhance the venue through two central ideas:

  • – Music-making as a shared, communal artform
  • – The building’s social and cultural ties to the trading and manufacturing past of the city.

Together, the artists reframe the building for a modern audience.  The artworks reference the Beacon’s history in a contemporary way and allow the organisation to move forward, empowered by the past.

The vision for the permanent collection was provided by Theresa Bergne, Field Art Projects and commissioned by Bristol City Council.

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No 1226 
Wool Jacquard Woven Rib Fabric, Lantern Hall

No 1218
Wool Jacquard Woven Moquette Fabric, Lantern Hall

No 1219 
Wool Jacquard Woven Moquette Fabric, Beacon Hall

By Rana Begum

Rana Begum is responsible for creating a bespoke series of textiles for Bristol Beacon’s two transformed auditoriums. She has collaborated with Bristol-based fabric designers and textile trend consultancy Dash & Miller to assist with translating her work into the design of new fabrics that can accommodate a double layered pattern which shifts and moves depending on your position in the space. Her work includes large tapestry-like suspended surfaces and bespoke upholstery for the auditorium seats.

Her work ranges from drawings, paintings and wall-based sculptures to large-scale public art projects and she is known for her understanding and use of light and colour.

“My initial response to the brief was to look at the architecture, the colours, and geometry. I wanted to develop something that reflects the diversity of sound performed in the halls through rhythms, patterns and repetition. It was important that the work responded to different qualities of light and creates movement.”
Rana Begum
Motion Efficiency Study 14
Photo @ Jamie Woodley
“It’s been a very collaborative process with Dash & Miller. I was keen to work with the local creative industries, because it brings a different perspective and history into the project.”
Rana Begum


Rana’s work focuses on the interplay between light and colour, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting and architecture. Her use of repetitive geometric patterns – found both within Islamic art and the industrial cityscape – takes its inspiration from childhood memories of the rhythmic repetition of daily recitals of the Qur’an.

Influenced by the geometric abstraction of minimalism and constructivism and the work of artists such as Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Jesús Rafael de Soto and Tess Jaray, Rana’s work ranges from drawings, paintings and sculptures to large-scale public art projects.

Light is fundamental to her process. Her works absorb and reflect varied densities of light to produce an experience for the viewer that is both temporal and sensorial.

Rana is constantly making new work and has an international profile. In 2023 she has held exhibitions in the Bermuda National Gallery, The Box Plymouth, Whitechapel London, New Art Gallery Walsall, Dubai, Dhaka Art Summit, Alserkal Art Week and Seol. She has also created special commissions for Art of London on Piccadilly, London and for Desert X in Palm Springs California as well as being the subject of a new bilingual English and Bengali children’s book, The Girl who played with Colour.